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Is it necessary to make an appointment?

No, you can come to EyesHunter at your convenience. You will be greeted by our team, ready to make your iris a work of art.

Is it necessary to physically go to the store?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary because in order to photograph your iris, we need to do it in professional conditions, with our technology, which allows us to capture the true beauty of your iris.

Where can I find my nearest store?

Just go to the contact page of our website, and there you will be able to see the stores we currently have in operation.

What payment methods will I be able to use?

You can currently pay by cash or credit card at all our stores.


How to make a work of art with my iris?

You will arrive at our store, choose size and effects, we will take a picture of your iris in ideal conditions of light, focus, distance, etc; and then we will treat it with the software that we have created specifically. The result is spectacular. And all this in just a few minutes.

Is it necessary to retouch the color of my Iris?

Not at all, your iris is already a work of art by nature, the only thing we will do is to offer you an exceptional level of sharpness and magnification so that you can see every detail.

What sizes and finishes are available?

You can see all the effects, finishes and sizes that we currently work with on our website, and also in your store, where you can see all the models available and get inspired to make the right choice.

We are constantly developing new effects and presentations, and we are constantly updating our catalog both on the web and in the store.

When will I receive my artwork?

The same day you come to have your iris photo taken, in a few minutes, you will have it in your hands, ready to show it to everyone. You will also receive it together with its certificate of authenticity with the original EyesHunter seal.

What is EyesHunter's return and refund policy?

Since our art pieces are totally personalized and unique, no return or refund is possible.


Is the process painful or harmful to my eye?

We take our customers' health very seriously. Our technology respects the health of your eye at all times, and you will not feel any pain or discomfort. Our staff will accompany you at all times and it will be a pleasant and exciting time to see your work.

Can the Iris be photographed with contact lenses?

If the lenses are hard or monthly, the best thing to do is to remove them and for this we have in our stores both specific liquid and case to keep them during the process. If the lenses are soft and daily, it will not be necessary to remove them.

What are the hygiene measures at Eyeshunter?

We clean the equipment for hygiene and safety reasons after each shot. Regarding Covid measures, we follow the protocols established at all times.

Data protection

In compliance with the rules of the RGPD, your data will be kept for 2 years before being deleted. Regarding the photographs taken, they are artistic images that do not put your identity at risk.

Is it possible to photograph a child's iris?

Since our system is totally safe, there is no minimum age, but the child must be able to hold still and upright for a few seconds.



We use the latest technology to capture your iris in all its splendor and most importantly, safely for your eyes.


We believe in the natural beauty of the human being, and therefore we have created a piece that reminds you that we only have to look at ourselves closely to see how beautiful we are.


We deliver each creation with a certificate of authenticity and with the guarantee that the quality of our materials and printing methods will make it last for years.


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